Woodland Resources

Woodland Management Services

In order to obtain/maintain global standards now and into the future it is important that woodlot owners in our area consider to work with Streamridge.ca to ensure that southern Ontario woodlots are managed to those standards. We provide Forest Management Services in southern Ontario that include:

  • Forest Stewardship Council Certification
  • Selective tree marking using Good Forestry Practices
  • Management Planning
  • Advice to woodlot owners to help them do their own management


Good Forestry Practices

Example of Sugar Maple Management. Marked tree is beside an opening made ten years ago. Considerable Maple regeneration has since grown in opening. Carpet of Maple seedlings is in shade in foreground. Removing this tree will let in more light and seedlings will grow like regeneration did after last cut. Tree to left will be ready for next cut in ten years. Thinning will be done naturally. Strongest will survive. Pattern was repeated through woodlot.


Sponsor a Tree

Calling on You to Sponsor Trees for FSC® Woodlands Certification

Owning trees, seeing trees, planting trees, sponsorships to plant trees etc, is one thing, but to really appreciate trees, we need to understand that there is such a thing as responsible management for trees of all ages.

  • Certification and auditing to Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) standards by Rainforest Alliance
  • FSC Certified Woodlands are well managed woodlands that will preserve our natural resources for future generations and will ensure that the natural cycle and respect for the environment are maintained.
  • Streamridge.ca, with your financial contribution, will educate and support private landowners in Ontario to have their woodlands become FSC certified.
  • Canada, being one of approximately 100 participating FSC countries, is lagging behind in having private woodlands brought up to globally recognized well managed woodlands standards.
  • There is a gap between the demand for, and the supply of FSC wood products.  Private landowners need encouragement to certify their woodlands.
  • The approximate cost of FSC certification is only 50 cents per tree.
  • Your contribution will help Canada stay green and leave a responsible foot print on the world.


Cherry Forrest Products (ON, Canada): 10,000
J. Winkler (ON, Canada): 200

FSC Certified Trees:

E. Bauman (Wellington): 12,800
Tanis Potwarka (Waterloo): 7,200


Become a Sponsor!

Firewood & Byproducts

We sell on a first come first serve basis, blocks of sawn timber cut backs, that air dry in our yard. We also take orders for full truckloads of hardwood firewood logs to be delivered to your location.

Sawdust, Chips & Bark are produced on a regular basis.